29 Apr

Techniques in Printing Custom Lanyards

There are several methods in getting the desired design on the wholesalelanyards fabric. The most common of these practices are screen printing and digital printing. Variations can be seen in terms of color, detail in design, type of fabric, cost, and printing speed.


Screen printing is one of the first means of transferring designs on a material, specifically on a fabric. This can be traced back to the ancient Sung Dynasty in Japan. In  the middle ages in Europe, it was used in the process of manufacturing playing cards. In today’s modern era, screen printing is a popular choice in customizing lanyards.


landyardThis printing option is more durable than the equally popular hot stamping method. However, screen printing may be more expensive – lanyards are meticulously printed one at a time through manual labor.


The process starts with printing the design on a very fine mesh. Transfer of the imprint into the fabric is done by forcing the ink into the screen while maintaining the information imprint or design. Application of heat is incorporated into the method to quickly dry the wet ink.


Screen printing is a very versatile technique and can accommodate intricate details and vivid colors. The amount of color and layered use of ink contribute to the durability of the print. A mixture of curing agent and ink acts as hardening material, which strengthens the design and makes it possible for the lanyard to hold up in a washer.


The colors that are achieved through screen printing are brighter than those from any other methods. Screen printing is the type of method that can work with any printing detail and design. The most common lanyard materials like polyester and nylon work well with screen printing.


Digital printing for commercial use was first introduced in the 1980s, along with bloom of the computer industry. The most popular choice in digital printing of lanyards is the dye sublimation imprinting. Dye-sublimated lanyards have a more natural look when extremely detailed images are involved. This digital printing option offers full color in high resolution, making it ideal for fussy designs.


Multiple colors have a greater integration into the material when compared with screen printing. Instead of looking like it was placed on top of the fabric, the imprint looks innate and woven with the wholesalelanyards material. The limitless use of the color spectrum is a great feature in dye sublimation imprinting.


Furthermore, digital printing is more cost efficient than screen printing. The process period of transferring images on the material is faster, with minimal set-up time. Although it is a quicker method, the choice of materials that are ideal for digital printing is limited. Outstanding outputs are achieved on smooth surfaces only.


The hot stamped imprinting method is another option available to consumers. It is most suitable for short wholesalelanyards, although it is the most cost-effective printing method. Hot stamping is a great match for polyester lanyards, meaning this method can work on a non-shiny surface.


Embossed and debossed prints are both well-liked in lanyard printing. What is the difference between embossing and debossing? In embossed printing, the impression of the design is raised on the surface of the lanyard. This creates a fresh three-dimensional look on the lanyard’s exterior. Debossing, on the other hand, creates an indentation of the design on the material. This is done by pushing the imprint deeper into the fabric’s surface. A metal die or a heavy stamp is used to achieve this.


Printing methods for customized lanyards vary according to various factors. To make the right choice, know the drawbacks and determine the suitability of each.

19 Apr

A Closer Look At Challenge Coins

Challenge coins are available in many kinds of finishes. Some are 24 carat gold and some are just plain pewter. The finish or the patina can be of copper, silver, gold, nickel bronze, brass or some antiquated versions of these base metals. Hard and soft enamel are used to add color and others also use epoxy coating for inset printing. For a more scratch-resistant and resilient finish, epoxy coating is usually added on the metal surface.


How much are they?


Challenge coins are fairly affordable to produce and design. The process includes two basic procedures for manufacturing: one is using die struck bronze and the other one is using zinc alloy castings. A die struck brass or bronze is more expensive than the zinc alloy casting because the former has a numismatic quality that results to a far superior product.

Challenge Coin

Asian-manufactured coins usually cost two dollars and fifty cents to seven dollars depending on the complexity of the design, voids, production process applied, enamels and laser engraving. The dies which are sculpted by a professional artist are more expensive and the cost ranges from fifty dollars to three hundred dollars depending on the design complexity. If the coins are manufactured in the United States, the cost will be much more expensive.


This is precisely the reason why American companies that manufacture challenge coins prefer to have the coins produced outside the country. In South Korea, for example, the coins are manufactured and fabricated because the production cost is cheaper and the connection with the Americans is stronger than in other east Asian countries aside from China where the production of these coins is more plentiful.


What are the Uses of These Coins?


Aside from the fact that challenge coins serve as proof of identity during wartime, they were also used to recognize exemplary performance of the members of each unit. They are awarded to those who achieved outstanding service to help build a member’s morale and strive harder for the common good. Military officials also award these coins to people from outside the military who were able to perform outstanding service.


During the Vietnam war, soldiers who were able to perform their best on their call of duty were given coins to recognize their efforts. These efforts deserve appreciation but still not qualified to be awarded with a medal. The use of challenge coins only became popular after the first Persian Gulf War of 1991.


The coins are awarded through a handshake. The awarding official will pass the coin from his right hand to the right hand of the member getting the award and it is expected of the official to explain why the member was awarded.


Collectors buy these coins for their numismatic value. Today, the Army Engineer Association holds the record for having the largest collection of military coins. It can be found inside the large cabinet in the Engineer Regimental Store located inside the engineer museum. The museum is at the regiment engineer’ house and contained coins donated by avid collectors from all over the world since it was opened to public in 1980.


President Bill Clinton has also collected and displayed these coins given to him by his members. It was displayed on a rack at the back of his desk in the Oval Office. In fact, his official portrait that hang inside the White House shows the coins at the background. George W. Bush also received the coin when he visited the Al-Asad Airbase in Iraq and President Barack Obama used the coins as memorial tokens in honor of those who were killed during the 2009 Fort Hood Shooting.

25 Mar

Guidelines to be an Excellent Motivational Speaker

Public speaking is an art that takes time to master. If have been successful in a speech or presentation and you think it is something that you can be passionate about, then you might be an excellent motivational speaker.

Recently, the task of a life coach has increased in popularity and a lot of people consider having a career in this industry, which may earn thousands of dollars on each event. This article shares some tips to help you attain this goal.

1.    The Message That You Need to Convey

motivational speakerThe best motivational speakers always have something important to share, something that is taken from personal experiences. They are successful because they talk about their own stories, which are easy to relate to and convincing.

If you want to be a motivational speaker, you must know the essentials that you need to impart. Know what the audience wants to hear and make sure you can convey that kind of message. If you are being vague or too general, you will lessen your chances of success even before you began.

2.    You Might Need a Mentor

Perhaps you have always been good in public speaking and you believe that delivering motivational speeches is the right profession for you, but it is easier said than done. Being on a specific group of orators, motivational speakers influence the lives of others, so they have huge responsibility. It is a good idea to learn from the greatest life coaches.

Establish connections to other speakers and observe what they are doing. Talk to professional speakers and look for the right mentor who is willing to share with you the secrets to success of this profession. Consulting a mentor would help you improve your abilities.

3.    Target Audience

As a motivational speaker, you must know who your target audience is before writing your speech. You must approach every group of people in a certain way. If you do not know who will listen to you, your talks will fail to be highly relevant and specific.

4.    Develop Your Public Speaking  Skills

If you have poor speaking skills, you will fail on your task even though you have the best life experiences to share. Work hard on being proficient in public speaking. Record your speeches and watch them carefully. Notice your intonation, body languages, and if you have established eye contact with your audience. Remember that a motivational speaker must sound reassuring and natural.

5.    Advertise

In today’ world, promotion is a vital ingredient of success. Motivational speakers need to cope with intense competition and many others are already successful in this industry. Advertising can be free of charge and happen easily. Word of mouth and social networks are some of the best outlets for your advertising needs.

6.    Sell Your Talents

If you are just starting, you need to make some sacrifices like delivering a talk for less or even for free. This would be an essential part of your advertising efforts. In order for people to start paying your talks, they need to see how good you are.

7.    Understand the Feedback of the Audience

Listen to what your audience has to say and learn the right way to ask for feedback. If you have a website, you can ask them to comment about your talk and give you suggestions. Prepare to change anything on your technique that does not seem to be working fine.

You need some skills and a lot of life experiences to be a good motivational speaker. When you get started, you would know all the essentials of being a life coach. To master your skills and become successful, you need to learn to communicate with your audience.

23 Mar

What Are Custom Lanyards?

Custom lanyards are cords that are worn around the neck and are used to hold small items such as an ID. Special attachments are added to lanyards to secure these small items.


You can use any small item with a lanyard. A whistle is one of those small items that you can use. Traffic enforcers would usually carry around a whistle that his hanging from a lanyard. Military personnel would use a pistol or even a sword with a lanyard. You can also hang your keys from a lanyard.


Custom LanyardsCustom lanyards make it more convenient for people to wear their ID. In some cases it’ll be a trend to wear one kind of lanyard. Unlike using pins where you will need to find a place on your clothes to pin it on, you will just need to hang the lanyard around your neck and you’re good.


Lanyards are sometimes issues by companies and are color-coded. The colors would represent an employee’s department. Such a lanyard is given exclusively to the employees of the said company and must not be given to anyone else.


As souvenirs, custom lanyards are made for special events and can be sold during or after the event. It can also be given away for free or as a prize, depending on the organizers. When these lanyards are sold, other accessories that are related to the event are included as a package, and these can be button pins or pens. The lanyards would usually have more than one attachment on them so that you can then hang any small object from it, like an ID, house keys, or even a small electronic gadget.


Depending on how they are made and how the design is added, there are a few different types of custom lanyards:


Polyester Lanyard


Polyester is the most common material used for lanyards. It can be available in almost any color and adding a design to it can be as easy as using the silkscreen method. The usual silkscreen method will add a design in one color, but for an additional charge, another color can be added.


Woven Lanyard

Polyester is also used in this method. With a woven lanyard, instead of using a silkscreen to print the design onto it, the design is woven onto the lanyard while it is being made. This makes the design part of the body of the lanyard, ensuring that it won’t wear away. The only downside is that because of how the design is added, complex designs are discouraged when using this method.


Nylon Lanyard

If you want to have a lanyard that will be easily noticeable, nylon lanyards can be useful. These lanyards are made from nylon, which gives it a shiny finish. Nylon lanyards are also very durable and won’t break easily. Silkscreen method is also used to apply a design on it.


Tubular Lanyard


Polyester is also used in this kind of lanyard, but unlike the typical style of weaving, tubular lanyards are treated differently. A method of weaving called tube-stitching is used, resulting to a lanyard with a thicker cord. It makes the material of the lanyard softer and it becomes easier for a person to wear this kind of ID.


Dye Sublimated Lanyard


This kind has the best way of applying a design onto a lanyard and will be ensured that the design itself won’t fade away. In this method, the ink used is absorbed by the material that is used, embedding the design onto it. In this method, it also becomes possible to have more than one design on the lanyard.

09 Mar

Ostarine SARMs And Medicinal Properties

Ostarine SARM acts like a glucocorticoid or cortisol. Cortisol has multiple important roles throughout the body like carbohydrate, protein, and fat metabolism. Our bodies are able to utilize energy from the formed enzymes mainly found in the liver by the breakdown of energy sources. The product of an increased glucose production adds to cellular resistance to insulin. Thus, glucocorticoid types of steroids are contraindicated for people who have diabetes. The contraindication may also be true with osta sarms.


Since cortisols have a role in the protein metabolism, these drugs have effects on our fat, skeletal, bone, lymphoid, and connective tissues. Glucocorticoids affect calcium and bone metabolism, cardiac muscles’ contractility, growth and development efficiency, and nervous system changes. Glucocorticoids also inhibit most immunologic responses, and prevent inflammatory responses. Thereby, glucocorticoids are invaluable in treating rheumatoid arthritis. Glucocorticoids are in semblance with osta sarms in the mentioned benefits.


OstarineThe effects of osta sarms are concentrated on muscle-building hence they are also similar to anabolic steroids when it comes to their therapeutic effects. Our muscles do not increase in number for these are already fixed in terms of number. We have approximately 600 muscles in the body, and osta sarms affect the skeletal muscles by the anabolic or muscle-building properties of increasing the muscle mass and bone density. The binding properties of Ostarine SARMs produce fewer side effects unlike those drugs that belong to steroids. Steroids make use of cholesterol in order to take effect on the many parts of the body. Thus, synthetic steroids draw the liver to release more cholesterol for the adrenal’s usage for the conversion of enzymes to hormones, specifically the androgens. To know more about osta sarms visit www.uniquemicals.com


Steroids are naturally occurring or are already available in our bodies. However, synthetic steroids are contraindicated for those who have hyperglycemia (elevated sugar levels in the blood), for those who have severe hypertension, for those who have high bad cholesterol levels, and for those who have liver diseases. It is because steroid use will just provoke the body to produce more glucose/sugar, increase bad cholesterol, and overuse the liver in its production of enzymes. These undesirable effects are not evident for those who take osta sarms.


Anabolic steroids and testosterone both have effects of increased muscle growth. Hence, anabolic steroids are often abused by those who are into sports like wrestlers, and weight lifters. Those who take in anabolic steroids at very high doses are likely to experience aggressiveness, which is called steroid rage. Regular use of anabolic steroids will result to excessive growth in hair amount, at first. In younger males, acne may become an issue when using steroids. Ostarine use at regulated doses does not have explicit side effects such as these.


Anabolic steroid use has massive adverse effects on the endocrine glands of the body. The endocrine glands’ production of hormones is disrupted. The unpleasant effects vary from person to person depending on factors such as the dosage and the length of use. Men who abuse steroid use may have balding and gynecomastia that is enlargement of the breasts. It is because of the lack of natural testosterone in the blood. Yellowing of the skin and eyes known as jaundice may become evident because of the probable intoxication of liver tissues. There is a high chance for stunted growth to occur in young adolescents because of the early closure of bone plates. However, an individual who uses SARM and complies with proper post cycle therapy does not develop these adverse effects.


SARM products are intended to cure osteoporosis, muscle wasting or weakness, and generalized weakness which are experienced mostly by senior citizens and cancer patients.